BIR 2015


This year 4 workshops have been selected which will be held as half-day or full-day workshops on the 26th of August 2015.

Important dates

  • Workshop paper submission: May 25, 2015 June 4, 2015 (extended)
  • Notification: June 29, 2015
  • Camera ready: July 20, 2015
  • Workshops: August 26, 2015

  • BP-Cloud'15: Workshop on Business Processes in the Cloud
  • Organizers: Mario Luca Bernardi, Marta Cimitile and Fabrizio Maria Maggi
    • The central theme of the BP-Cloud workshop is the adoption of the Cloud Computing paradigm for business process modelling and analysis. Cloud Computing is a new information technology performing on-demand delivery of platforms, infrastructures or software as a service. It allows for network access to a shared set of configurable computing and storage resources as well as customizable applications. For these reasons, Cloud Computing is an opportunity also from the perspective of business process modelling and analytics. From the business process modelling perspective, design-time cloud-based services can increase the collaboration between geographically dispersed organizations and teams. Moreover, from the business process analytics perspective, Cloud Computing can offer a more extended shared data recording and a process centered cloud systems useful to extract information about the underlying processes. The workshop is open to researchers and practitioners from different communities, such as process mining, business process management, business process analysis, business process discovery. The workshop is also of interest for the industrial area, given the increasing need for companies to understand their business processes to improve process speed, reduce cycle time, increase quality and to reduce costs.
    • Website Page, pdf
  • ILOG'15: 8th Workshop on Information Logistics and Knowledge Supply
  • Organizers: Kurt Sandkuhl and Ulf Seigerroth
    • ILOG 2015 is the 8th workshop in a series which focuses on approaches, methods, technologies and solution for reducing information overflow and for improving information flow in organizations. Knowledge-intensive industry and service sectors, public organizations and governmental bodies are dependent on accurate and timely information supply for efficient and high quality processes and services. Intelligent information supply has become an important issue that is characterized by just-in-time, demand-oriented and context-sensitive information. Furthermore, cyber-physical systems and big data applications pose new challenges to information logistics solutions. This workshop aims to bring together people who have strong interest in information systems, information logistics, enterprise solutions and knowledge supply. We invite researchers and practitioners from both industry and academia to submit original results of their completed or ongoing projects. We encourage broad understanding of possible approaches and solutions for information logistics and knowledge supply.
    • Website Page, pdf
  • SCBP'15: Workshop on Security and Compliance in Business Processes
  • Organizers: Naved Ahmed and Raimundas Matulevičius
    • Despite the growing demand for business processes that comply with security policies, security and privacy incidents caused by erroneous workflow specifications are regrettably common. This is, in part, because business process management and security are seldom addressed together, thereby hindering the development of trustworthy and security-compliant business processes. The Workshop on Security and Compliance in Business Processes (SCBP15) seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the management and modelling of secure and compliant business processes in process-aware information systems. In particular, SCBP15 encourages innovative methods for workflow security modelling, security compliance, audit and control throughout the business process lifecycle: from design time verification to online operational support and post-mortem analysis. Furthermore, it welcomes contributions beyond the strictly technical, such as those considering social, economic, legal and standardization issues.
    • Website Page, pdf
  • WOIS'15: 3rd Workshop on Ontologies and Information Systems
  • Organizers: Birger Lantow and He Tan
    • Ontologies specify knowledge about entities, and their relationship and interactions. In conjunction with evolving semantic technologies for ontology engineering, representation and query, new ways open up for ontologies and information systems (IS) integration, combination and use. In the structural perspective, ontologies can provide means to structure, store and access generic IS content. In the temporal perspective, ontologies can guide the development of new IS. They may help to choose appropriate processes, algorithms, rules, and software components depending on the requirements. For both perspectives, a couple of research questions arise. Starting with the question for methods to structure IS content by the use of ontologies - What entities should be captured how in which context? the range reaches to questions of knowledge discovery through ontology mining, and the use of ontologies for organisational design. And there are numerous other questions. This workshop aims to bring together people who have strong interest in the use of ontologies in the context of enterprise information systems. We invite researchers and practitioners from both industry and academia to submit original results of their completed or on-going projects. We encourage broad understanding of possible approaches and solutions for the application of ontologies in information systems and systems development. Specific focus will be on practices and experiences, i.e. we encourage submission of case study and experiences papers, and of contributions bringing together business cases and enabling technologies.
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Workshop chairs

  • Fabrizio Maria Maggi, University of Tartu, Estonia
  • Raimundas Matulevičius (co-chair), University of Tartu, Estonia

In case of questions: bir2015_workshops<at>

Call for workshop proposals is available here.