BIR 2015


  • Alex Norta: Creation of Smart-Contracting Collaborations for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • Algirdas Laukaitis: Code transformation pattern alignments and induction for ERP legacy systems migration
  • Cornelia Gaebert: Reliable Customers and Credible Fixed-Price Contracts for Software Development Projects: A Study of one Supplier’s Contracts
  • Deniss Ojastu, Tarmo Robal and Ahto Kalja: The Most Prominent Software Development Concepts Cited in IT Professional's Blogs
  • Elena Kushnareva, Irina Rychkova, and Bénédicte Le Grand: Modeling and Animation of Crisis Management Process with Statecharts
  • Eric-Oluf Svee and Jelena Zdravkovic: Towards a Consumer Preference-based Taxonomy for Information Systems Development
  • Hasan Koç and Kurt Sandkuhl: A Business Process Based Method for Capability Modelling
  • Igor Kovbasiuk, Welf Löwe, Morgan Ericsson and Anna Wingkvist: Quick Decide — A Tool to Aid the Analytic Hierarchy Process for Group Decisions
  • Jevgeni Martjushev, Jagadeesh Chandra Bose R P and Wil van der Aalst: Change Point Detection and Dealing with Gradual and Multi-Order Dynamics in Process Mining
  • Jörn Wiebring and Kurt Sandkuhl: Selecting the “right” Notation for Business Process Modeling: Experiences from an Industrial Case
  • Kārlis Čerāns, Jūlija Ovčiņņikova and Martins Zviedris: Towards Graphical Query Notation for Semantic Databases
  • Marite Kirikova: Modeling for Viability
  • Matthias Wißotzki and Kurt Sandkuhl: Elements and Characteristics of Enterprise Architecture Capabilities
  • Oscar González Rojas: Governing IT Services for Quantifying Business Impact
  • Pertti Järvinen: On Design Research – Some Questions and Answers
  • Sander Valvas and Fredrik Milani: Requirement Elicitation using Business Process Models
  • Svetlana Omelkova and Peep Küngas: A Linked Data Model for Web API-s
  • Thomas Knothe, Adrian Zoch, and Malte Meißner: Conceptualizing a Network Process Model Based Production Platform
  • Vaclav Repa: Life Events: a Crucial Point of e-Government
  • Wenhui Lu, Jyrki Nummenmaa and Zheying Zhang: Passive Condition Pre-Enforcement for Rights Exporting

Accepted ILOG workshop papers

  • Dirk Stamer, Veronika Zeiner and Kurt Sandkuhl: Development and Validation of an Information Demand Pattern for a Team in Project Management
  • Björn Johansson, Dogan Alkan and Robin Carlsson: Self-Service BI does it Change the Rule of the Game for BI systems Designers
  • Alexander Smirnov, Alexey Kashevnik, Nikolay Shilov, Andreas Oroszi, Mario Sinko and Thorsten Krebs: Changing business information systems for innovative configuration processes
  • Kurt Sandkuhl, Raimundas Matulevicius, Marite Kirikova and Naved Ahmed: Integration of IT-Security Aspects into Information Demand Analysis
  • Alfred Zimmermann, Dierk Jugel, Rainer Schmidt, Christian Schweda and Michael Möhring: Collaborative Decision Support for Adaptive Digital Enterprise Architecture
  • Clara Bassano, Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Giuseppe D'Aniello, Matteo Gaeta and Luigi Rarità: Improvements of Logistics in Region Campania using a Profiling/Competence-based Approach, Enriched with Experience

Accepted SCBP workshop papers

  • Benoît Vanderose, Élise Degrave and Naji Habra: Privacy by design and administrative efficiency in e-governance : a case study
  • Kurt Sandkuhl, Raimundas Matulevicius, Naved Ahmed and Marite Kirikova: Refining Security Requirement Elicitation from Business Processes using Method Engineering

Accepted WOIS workshop papers

  • He Tan, George Barakat and Vladimir Tarasov: Translating XML Models into OWL Ontologies for Interoperability of Simulation Systems
  • Alexander Smirnov, Tatiana Levashova and Nikolay Shilov: Online Communities for Agent Collaboration in Cyber Physical-Social Systems
  • Hasan Koc, Birger Lantow and Kurt Sandkuhl: Experiences from Ontology Development for Service Innovation in Transportation Industries

Accepted Doctoral Consortium papers

  • Andrius Valatavičius, Saulius Gudas, Enterprise Software System Integration using Autonomic Computing
  • Eglė Radvilė, Antanas Čenys, Research: What Eyes and Brain Reveals about Visual Performance in the Curved Display
  • Marius Liutvinavičius, Knowledge Based Modeling of Financial Decision Support Systems
  • Voldemaras Zitkus, Lina Nemuraitė, Automated Anaphora and Co-reference Resolution for Lithuanian Language Combining Results from Different Text Analysis Stages